100% Recycled and Recyclable Holiday Wrapping Paper

Earth Presents produces 100% recycled and recyclable wrapping paper. Our designs are inspired by the artwork of artists with disabilities. Proceeds from the sale of our products benefit ART Options, a unique nonprofit. To meet the artists, please see our Artists page.

We are proud to present our Holiday Collection.

Specifications: gift wrap comes in units of two 24" x 36" sheets, either rolled or folded. Matching gift tags and bows are also 100% recycled and recyclable.

Our Greeting Cards are here! The cards meet our same green standards and are also derived from the artwork of artists with disabilities.

Also see our Spring Collection.

  • snowman.jpg
  • reindeer.jpg
  • christmastrees.jpg
    Trees with Snow
  • build_snowman.jpg
    Build a Snowman
  • candle.jpg
    Candle in Window
  • wintertrees.jpg
    Winter Trees
  • shiningstar.jpg
  • thumb_menorah.jpg