Last Minute Ideas for Gift Buying and Wrapping!

Tips for Gift Buying and Wrapping:

  1. I hate to shop. But like everyone else, I love a great bargain and find great joy in snagging that perfect gift for someone! I guess I have a love-hate relationship with shopping! What I really hate is malls and the crowds. So my hottest tip for gift buying is EcoMall. EcoMall is the oldest and largest environmental shopping center and Expo on the Internet. EcoMall currently has over 4,500 sites, including Earth Presents! You’re bound to find everything for everyone on your holiday list! Time Magazine calls EcoMall “a great place to browse, be entertained or just hang out.” Check it out:

  2. is a fun on-line store with funky gifts. All the items are from recycled, reused and natural materials.

  3. What about a card that says: Pooh Happens! How cute is that? Check out Mr. Ellie Pooh's gift cards made from Elephant dung:

  4. I bought a jazzy skirt made from old t-shirts at the San Fran Green Festival. If you're hip enough, think about a matching hat or top. They've got really pretty flower appliques in strategic places which add to the pissaz. Check out the "clothes with a history" at:

  5. So now you're going to need to wrap all those great gift ideas. And what's wrong with a plug for my own?! It is estimated that 4 million tons of wrapping paper and shopping bags are thrown out during the winter holidays. Why not use our wrapping paper which is made from paper that is 100% recycled content, 100% post-consumer waste and processed chlorine-free. We use vegetable-based inks that make it 100% recyclable. No more bags of holiday wrapping paper into the garbage and on to landfills! Also, each winter holiday North America alone uses 38,000 miles of ribbon. That's enough to go around the world and tie a bow! Earth Presents' bows are also 100% post-consumer content, made from recycled plastic bottles!