I recently hosted a Repower@Home event. It's basically a tupperware party for the Earth!

Repower@Home is a project of the Alliance for Climate Protection. Based on the fact that our homes consume 22% of the energy used in the U.S., and much of that energy is wasted, the events center around the home. It's a house party where you learn about all kinds of new, eco-friendly products for the home, get a breakdown or brush-up on energy conservation, find out about local resources, take a trivia quiz and commit to take a bunch or a few steps towards better energy efficiency!

The products introduced were cool new gadgets and major upgrades to old standards: a balloon for the fireplace and a jazzy new power strip where you can select what goes off, when and for how long. Our guest speakers were great and well prepared: the Field Organizer from the Alliance who ran the event, an energy audit company who audited our home, and cool real estate agent who started her own company, EcoFirst Realty. I didn't bomb the trivia quiz but I sure didn't ace it either! You need to think hard about those commitments you make, 'cause they call back after awhile to see what you've accomplished!

The pilot stage of the Repower@Home project is done. They held 60 house parties with over 700 homeowners and renters in attendance. There's a Strategy Conference Call this Monday to develop and expand this great project!

Look for Repower@Home in your part of the Earth and host a PARTY!