Earth Presents has made a commitment to being green in every aspect of our business.

Please review New Leaf Paper's environmental benefits statement on our 2008 products: New_Leaf_Audit_08.jpg

Earth Presents partners with eco-friendly companies.

Earth Presents is powered by C-Green, a carbon neutral electricity option that offsets the carbon emissions from our electricity use with clean, renewable wind power. We encourage you to make the same commitment by contacting your local county government for programs available to you.

Our website is hosted by pair Networks which has reduced its carbon footprint to zero. Their operations have been certified as carbon neutral through TerraPass, Inc.

We proudly use New Leaf Paper – “Paper with a past, and a future.”

We chose Balmar for our printing needs because of its eco-friendly printing process. Balmar is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Balmar uses water-based aqueous coating and vegetable-based inks in lieu of petroleum-based varnishes. And they have achieved a 93% recycling rate.

We partner with Hubschercorp’s Ingredients Matters division to create our matching 100% recycled bows. Their “reribbon is made from a combination of 100% post consumer recycled PET water bottles and 100% post-manufacturing waste materials from factory floors (that would have been thrown into landfills). Reribbon is fully recyclable (and of course reusable!).”