Earth Presents sells to retailers. Please contact for wholesale terms and prices.

Selling Earth Presents products is a win-win-win for your store, WVSA and Earth Presents while also supporting green action to help protect the environment. It has several exciting marketing angles and great public relations for you.

Research has shown the benefits of cause-related marketing which ties a company and its products to a popular issue or cause to improve sales while providing benefits to the cause.

Cone/Roper Study shows that: - 7 of 10 consumers believe that cause-related marketing helps solve social problems - 2/3 of consumers think that it should be a standard corporate practice - 65% of consumers would be likely to switch to a brand associated with a good cause and more than 50% would pay more for a product if it were associated with a cause they cared about. Please contact us if you would like to join us in supporting the mission of WVSA. Earth Presents gives WVSA five percent (5%) of its gross revenue from the sales of our products derived from the artwork of students at WVSA. The proceeds go back to WVSA for the benefit of its School for Arts in Learning.

Please contact us for further information at or on 301/263-9282.